Fluids and Electrolytes

I.  Introduction
II.  Maintenance Fluids and Electrolytes
A.  Holliday Segar Method
B.  Caloric Method
C.  Body Surface Area Method
III.  Fluid and Electrolyte Disturbances
A.  Dehydration
1.  Isotonic Dehydration
2.  Hyponatremic Dehydration
3.  Hypernatremic Dehydration
4.  Oral Rehydration
B.  Special Cases
1.  Syndrome of Inappropriate ADH Secretion (SIADH)
2.  Diabetic Ketoacidosis
3   Diabetes Insipidus
4.  Renal Tubular Acidosis
C.  Other Electrolytes
1.  Potassium
2.  Calcium
IV.  Neonatal Fluids and Electrolytes: Enteral and Parenteral
V.  Acknowledgements
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