Neonatal Nutrition

I.  Parenteral Nutrition for the Preterm Infant
A. Energy Needs for Parenteral Nutrition Support
B. Neonatal Parenteral Nutrition Recommendation
1.  Administration
2.  Carbohydrates
3.  Protein
4.  Fat
5.  Electrolytes and Minerals
6.  Multivitamins
7.  Trace Elements
8.  Additives
C.  Recommended Laboratory Monitoring for Neonates on Parenteral Nutrition
II.  Enteral Nutrition for Preterm Infants
A.  Energy Requirement and Distribution
B.  Types of Formula
C.  Formula Additives and Supplements
D.  Contraindications for Enteral Feeding
E.  Gut Priming/Trophic Feeds
F.  Feeding Route
G. Rate of Volume Advancement
H.  Formula Concentration Required for Meet Energy Needs
III.  Acknowledgement
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