NetScut Project Source Code

Several programs were written specifically for NetScut. These programs are the scripts that run in the background behind the pediatric calculations, vital signs generators, etc. These programs are copyrighted under the Gnu Project License, version 2.0, so that the intellectual property is protected, yet made available to the community either for review (for instance, to check that drug calculations are correct) or for purposes of implementing on another system or improving the code.

For security purposes, I am not putting a listing of the scripts online. I had done so in the past and the site was exploited. Yes, it was a failure to properly cleanse data submitted to a form, so my bad. Ideally, someone more on the white hat side would have caught the error first, but I think it is more likely that black hats are trolling for exploitable code on this sort of a site. Anyhow, I'm happy to send you the source code, just contact me by email.

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Last Modified October 11, 2001