NetScut Anthropometric Batch Calculator

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This form can be used batch process files containing growth data to yield anthropometric statistics as described below. To calculate these statistics for individual subjects, use the individual form. Also see a discussion of these calculations, the source code , copyright and disclaimer statements, and acknowledgments.

Input Format:

The input to this program is a comma delimited ASCII file with one record per line. The data should be in the following order:
age, sex, weight, height, head circumference
The age is in months (fractional month are fine). Sex is either "Male" or "Female". Height and head circumference are in centimeters, and weight is in kilograms. There should be no blank lines or comments in the data file. For example, look at the file example.txt.

Output Format:

The output from this program is also a comma delimited ASCII file contained within the returned HTML document. The text can be manually copied and then saved or the web document can be saved directly to disk The exact mechanism for this will depend on the user's browser. For Netscape, Mosaic and Explorer, use "Save As" under the "File" menu.

The format is:

age,sex,length,% median,relative to median,median for age...
After length, the weight, weight-for-length and head circumference data follow, each in the order of observed measurement followed by the measurement as a percentage of the median, the measurement relative to the median, and the age (or weight) for which the measurement would be the median. All weights are in kilograms, and all lengths are in centimeters. For example, see file example.html produced from the example.txt input file.

If any value is undefined, the value is represented by an asterisk. For instance, any measurement about 216 months is not defined. Any weight-for-length for a length under 49 cm is undefined.

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